Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Halloween 2015

Since it's almost Thanksgiving, I figured I should finally post Halloween pictures... ;0)

We carved our pumpkins the night before, like usual. And like usual, Lily loved it.....

She even got gloves and still didn't like getting the insides out!

The boys have no problem getting all that gunk out!

Once the pumpkins were clean, they started carving!

Lily's happy faced pumpkin:

Riley's skull with flames:

And Zach's pumpkin with symbols from Wizard 101:

The next day was Halloween!!
Lily was a beautiful peacock:

Complete with peacock feathers on the back of a tutu that her cousin Rachel made:

Always needing to be scary, Riley was this guy:

Lily & Emma:

Emma as Cinderella & David as an adorable lion:

And Zach as an executioner:

This was Zach's last year to go trick or treating. :0(

We all went trick or treating along with some friends of ours. They got a ton of candy and had a lot of fun!!