Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lily's First Reconciliation

Last Sunday, Lily & the rest of her 2nd grade class received their First Reconciliation. She was both excited and nervous!

She did great though and even had a smile afterwards!!

We had to get a picture with our favorite teacher, Mrs. Heise too!!

After the kids came out of the confessional, they each got one of these buttons:

Lily was excited to get this for something to remember this special day. :0)

Monday, January 19, 2015

Exploration Place

Last Friday, the kids got out of school early, so we picked Miss Emma up and headed over to Exploration Place. The kids enjoyed the castle, planes, water & sand, and Kansas in Miniature exhibits!! 

Once they were done in the castle area, we went to the airplanes because Emma loves getting into the airplanes!

Once Emma got bored with that, Lily, Emma & I headed over to the Plains section with the water and sand tables while the boys stayed with the planes for a bit longer.

Once the boys saw what they were doing, they quickly joined the girls. ;0)

The Keeper of the Plains!

Zach being goofy in the tornado machine:

Looking for fossils!

She put those gloves on herself. :0)

Puppet show time!

Our last exhibit was Kansas in Miniature. The kids loved the trains!!

We headed back to our house after this so I could get ready to go out to dinner with Jeff while the kids spent the night at Amy's. Yeah!! :0)