Monday, February 22, 2016

Last of the Valentines

I'm finally posting about the last few 14 days of Valentine's that I did for Jeff & the kids. Here they are!

For the kids:

And for Jeff:

It was fun coming up with all of these and fun to see them get excited about what they were going to get each day! :0)

Thursday, February 11, 2016

I'm doing 14 days of Valentines again this year, but this time, I'm including Jeff! He got some of the same things as the kids did, but some things only they got and some things only he got. Here are some things the kids got and a few Jeff got too:

The following, only Jeff got. ;0)

Only a few more days left!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Jeff's Birthday

We celebrated Jeff's 40th birthday the weekend before with family and friends.

His cake was chocolate with peanut butter frosting; two of his favorite things!

Some 40 Sucks suckers. ;0)

Happy 40th Birthday Jeff!!

While I would not want to cook for my own birthday party, Jeff loves to smoke on his smoker, so he chose to cook. :0) And since what he cooks is always delicious, everyone was ok with it. ;0)

After everyone was stuffed on brisket, pulled pork, hot dogs, hot links, chicken, potato casserole, veggies & dip, chips, cole slaw, and potato salad, Jeff opened up the gag gifts people brought him.

There were so many funny old age gifts and funny alcohol gifts. It was fun to watch him open all those!!

Then it was time for cake!!

Thank you to everyone who came over to help us celebrate Jeff! It was a great time!!

On Jeff's actual birthday, we celebrated with just the 5 of us. The kids had Jeff read the cards they made him along with coupons they made for him. 

Then he opened (took off the blankets) his present from us.

It's a cambro, which is a box to keep food hot.
He keeps asking for this stuff for his smoking and soon he's going to have enough stuff to open his own restaurant!

Later on, we had a chocolate and peanut butter dessert (see, his favorite!).

I hope you had a great birthday Jeff! We LOVE you!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Happy 40th Birthday Jeff!

Happy Birthday to the most important person in my life! I can't believe how lucky I am to get to spend the rest of my life with you! You are a wonderful husband, a loving daddy, a smart & capable provider, a great friend, a generous soul, and so much more!!
I hope that the next 40 years are just as blessed as the last have been! I love you!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Pinewood Derby 2016

This is our last year doing the Pinewood Derby. I'm a little sad.....but not really. ;0)
The kids are sad, but honestly, after doing this for 7 years (and being in charge of it the last 3), I'm not going to miss it.

The kids got their cars all painted and ready for the night. Riley's is the gold one, Lily's is pink, and Zach's is black:

The Outlaw Cars:

The Cub Scout Cars:

One of Lily's runs:


And Riley:

Zach won 1st place in the Outlaw Class!!

Lily & Riley didn't place, but they still had fun!! :0)

I wish that Lily & Riley had placed since it was their last year, but they have both placed in previous years, so everyone has at least one medal or trophy.
It's been a great tradition for 7 years. Now on to new traditions!!