Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Zach working at Paragon

For the past few months, if you have asked Zach what he wants to do when he grows up, he always responds with, "I want to work at Paragon with my Dad." Well, on Sunday we went into work with Jeff for a little bit & Zach sat at one of the desks & pretended to work:

Then later on that night he gave this paper to Jeff (which was in an envelope that he had made):

It's a pre-application for working at Paragon! He wanted Jeff to take it in. So, being the good dad that he is, Jeff took it in & turned it into Human Resources. (Good thing it's such a small office.) Everyone thought it was SO cute that Zach wants to work there so much that he made a pre-application. =) Jeff said they were going to see what they had available for him when he gets older. ;0)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Daisy Scouts!

Lily started Daisy Scouts last night! She has been SO excited about it. I got her little vest the other day & ironed on the patches she can have now. Later on she will had petals to make a daisy when she earns them.

She even wore a blue daisy in her hair! (This girl loves to accessorize!)

They made cute streamer wands!

There are only three girls in her troop, but they will have a lot of fun, I am sure!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Painting Pumpkins!

A few days ago, Jeff brought these cute little pumpkins home. A lady he works with, brought them in to decorate the office & she sent three home with Jeff for the kids to paint!

The kids were so excited about this. They love to paint!

Lily painted hers pink & then put a face on it:

Riley made his a blue bird from the game Angry Birds:

Zach's was the black bomb bird from Angry Birds:

They had so much fun painting their pumpkins!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Fun Weekend!

We had a great weekend! We started out at the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning.

We caught the Balloon Clown right before we left. Yeah!

I was trying to take a picture of the boys sword fighting, and Lily literally jumped into the picture. She's such a ham! :0)

After the Farmer's Market, we headed to the zoo!

The rest of our Saturday was pretty low key. Riley had a Birthday party to go to & then my sister Kathleen came over to watch the kids while Jeff & I went out on a date. :0) (Thanks Kathleen!)
On Sunday, Jeff decided he wanted to smoke some ribs & a pork shoulder.


Lily brought her princess chair outside to keep Jeff company.

Riley & Zach played outside too. It was a beautiful day!!

I don't have a picture of Zach because he was pouting after he had gotten in trouble......I didn't want a picture of that.... ;0)
Then, I went inside & took a nap, while Jeff & the kids stayed outside & played & got ice cream from the ice cream man! It was a wonderful nap. :0) (Thanks Jeff!)
It was a fun, relaxing weekend for all of us!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More Emma Pictures

Here are more pictures of me torturing Emma. Luckily her Momma doesn't mind me doing this to her and Emma doesn't seem to mind too much either! =)
Here she is sleeping on the moon:

And here she is floating away with some balloons!

Amy wanted some with her awake, so I thought this one would be cute to do that with. She was cracking me up with all of her facial expressions and she held onto those balloons the whole time!

This one really cracks me up!

I get all of my inspiration from Adele Enersen who took pictures like these of her little baby.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bulletin Board Project

One of the things I had been dreading with the new school year, was the backpacks, jackets, & coats piled up on my closet doorknob & dining room table chairs. I also dreaded having all of those newsletters and calenders all over my fridge overlapping one another. This year I would have three backpacks crowded on the doorknob:

And 3 sets of notes and calenders.....
I decided I wanted a bulletin board big enough for all of the newsletters plus the monthly school & lunch calendar. I also wanted a way to hang the kids backpacks and jackets/coats so they were all together. (and off my chairs!) So, Jeff got to work making the frame: 

Zach helped out Jeff with this part. This is how he dressed to help Jeff:

Apparently Lily thought this was how she needed to dress to help out:

Here is the frame, finished & stained. Notice the pegs on the bottom. =) 

After he attached the cork board, he hung it up on the wall for me.

I added the calendars & newsletters & the kids hung up their backpacks when they got home today!

I even made little name tags for their spots, so there are no fights on who's stuff goes where. :0)

So now we have a nice organized place where we can find everything! Thanks Jeff!!