Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Riley's First Communion

Riley received his First Communion on Sunday. Doesn't he look handsome?!?

This is Riley & his fabulous teacher, Mrs. Rudisill:

This is the banner that the second graders made:

This is Riley's panel:

Here is Riley looking very holy. ;0)

Riley's class:

Riley patiently waiting for his turn to have his picture taken:

After pictures, we headed to my sister Mary's house for a party. Her daughter Alyssa also received her First Communion!

Both Riley & Alyssa did a great job!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

70th Birthday Party

My mom had her 70th Birthday last Thursday, and last Saturday, we had a party for her! Here are all of the "kids":

Tom, Dianna, Pat, Amy, Jenny, Kathleen, Joe, Mary, & Bill.

We had a tea party theme. There were little cakes:

Finger food:

 Different flavored teas (and lemonade):

And tea cup & tea pot decorations:

This is my Mommy:

This is my brother Bill who mistakenly put on the wrong shirt, because we all know I'm our mom's favorite.

My mom & her favorite child:

And all of us with my mom & dad:

There are also pictures of all of the in-laws and grandchildren, but we didn't take one giant photo (which we should have...) and that would be a lot of photos to include in this post. :0)
I think my mom enjoyed herself seeing family & friends and celebrating how young she is!!
Happy Birthday mom!! We love you!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lily's Weekend with Forrest

Lily's class has two owls; Meadow & Forrest. Earlier this year, Lily got to bring Meadow home, and this past weekend, she brought Forrest home! When you have one of the owls, you write in the journal what the owl got to do with you, and you can take pictures too. Lily was SO excited that Forrest came home with her. Here is what they did together:

Lily actually got to take Forrest home on Thursday because they did not have school on Friday, so she got him an extra day! Before bed on Thursday, we read Lily's new book:

On Friday morning, we went to the grocery store, and Lily & Forrest drove the car cart:

For lunch, Lily, Forrest, Emma, and I met Aunt Amy at Spangles. Lily (and Emma) love the grilled cheese there!

Later that night, we went to the airport to pick Jeff up. Lily was SO happy to see him that she forgot to put shoes on before we left!!

On Saturday, Forrest and Lily got to help Riley celebrate his 8th Birthday!

After church on Sunday, we went to Golden Corral (where Riley wanted to eat). Lily & Forrest enjoyed some cotton candy!

Later on in the afternoon, they enjoyed some snuggle time while watching cartoons:

Then Ares came over & they played sight word bingo!

I'm sure Forrest had a fun weekend with Lily, because I know she had fun with him!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Riley's Party

Saturday was Riley's 8th Birthday! He opened his presents from us in the morning. A Skylanders shirt...

And lots of new Skylanders!

In the afternoon, we had his party for family. He wanted his favorite; Jeff's smoked ribs & brisket, and twice baked potatoes. (which I made into a casserole so it would be easier.) After lunch, Riley opened his presents from everyone.

He got some really nice presents and lots of cash. Thanks everyone!!

Riley wanted lemon meringue pie for his "cake". I was pretty excited when I found it already made. ;0)

Riley said he had the best party ever! (But I'm pretty sure he says that every year.) :0)

That evening, we had a celebration with just the 5 of us, like we do for everyone's Birthday. He wanted a peanut butter pie this time.

On Sunday, we let him pick out where he wanted to eat for lunch & he chose Golden Corral. You just can't beat fried chicken & a chocolate fountain! ;0)

Happy 8th Birthday Riley!! We love you!!