Friday, August 21, 2015

Our Mini Vacation (2015)

We took a short vacation a few weeks ago before school started. We decided to go to Great Wolf Lodge for a few days and then to the Kansas City Aquarium. The kids were super excited! They love GWL & they had never been to the aquarium in KC.

We got to GWL about 1:00 on a Wednesday. You can get into the waterpark at 1:00 the day of your check in, so after we checked in, we went straight to the water park!

About 30 minutes in though, poor Zach had cut his foot in several places. Two of them were gaping. :0( The first aid people put band aids on, but he needed stitches, so Jeff took him to the ER.

He ended up getting 2 internal stitches and 12 external stitches!! He was a champ though. Jeff said he didn't complain at all!

Since the water was pretty much off limits for him, we decided to go to dinner at T-Rex café and then do Magi Quest!

The next day, we got ready to go back to the water park. Zach wasn't up for the water, so he played Magi Quest and in the arcade.

This is the first time we've been here where the outside has been open. Lly & Riley had fun checking it out. :0)

And I enjoyed a nice beverage. ;0)

This time, Jeff reserved us a cabana for the last 2 days we were there!! It was so nice to always have a place to sit, there was also a fan, a TV, and a fridge with complimentary drinks and snacks! 

It was really nice for Zach. He watched TV or played on his DS some of the time.

We left GWL late Friday afternoon, and headed to a new hotel. Then we went out to dinner to my favorite restaurant in KC; Garrazzos!! Yummy!!

The next day we went to the Sea Life Aquarium. But first, fountains! Lily is obsessed with them and likes to have her picture taken in front of them....

My kids LOVE the touch tank!!

The boys were loving this creepy looking eel:

They all thought it would be funny to stand in front of this octopus, making it look like it was on their heads...goofy kids!

There was an Octonauts section, and Lily was so excited to go into it!

Riley said, "Look! All of Nemo's brothers & sisters!"



After we went through the whole aquarium, we went across the street to the Crown Center Mall to eat at Fritz's!

You get conductor hats & you food is delivered by mini trains!!

You order your food by phone!

The train brings your food and it comes down an "elevator".

The food was Lily approved!

Lily found a crayon.....

After lunch, we went back through the aquarium and then we headed home.

Oh look......more fountains.....

Except for poor Zach's foot, we had a great time. It was a great way to end our summer!