Saturday, October 31, 2009

Let The Wild Rumpus Start!

My sister Amy wanted to take Zach and Riley to a Where the Wild Things Are event at Borders. My kids love Where the Wild Things Are, so of course they wanted to go.....Amy graciously allowed me to go also. =)

They got to do fun crafts, making noise makers out of paper plates and plastic eggs.

Then we listened to a fun music show and got to see Max from Where the Wild Things are!

Then the part that I was excited about came....a Wild Thing came out!! He and Max led them in a costume parade all around the store. Then they got to have their picture taken with him!

Even Amy got a picture with him. =)

Thanks for inviting us Amy!
**Stay tuned for more Halloween costume pictures tomorrow!**

Friday, October 30, 2009

Carving Pumpkins

We carved pumpkins tonight....after the boys' Halloween party......because I forgot all about carving them last night.

Lily was way more enthusiastic this year. Last year, she refused to have anything to do with the inside of the pumpkin. Tonight she was all about it. She dug her hand right in and pulled out a seed!

She even wanted to touch the big pile of gunk Jeff pulled out for.

Riley on the other hand, did not like it...again. I think this picture pretty much explains how he feels about sticking his hand in a pumpkin. =)

Zach, like every year, LOVES to pull the slimy stuff out.
Me? I'm with Riley. That's not my favorite part.
Lily told me what shapes she wanted on her face, and then she "helped" me carve it.
Riley designed his pumpkin's face and then I helped him carve it.

Zach drew his own face on, then said, "Mom, I'm old enough to carve my own pumpkin". (add some attitude into that sentence.) So, he did, and he did a really good job!

Now they are all done! Now we just have to wait until tomorrow night to light them up! (I buy light sticks to put in them, so we don't have to use candles, and they are cool colors!)

Halloween Party!

The boys have really, really wanted to have a Halloween party. I gave in this year. They invited a few friends from school, and have been really excited about it all week. This afternoon, the boys helped me to decorate the house and get all of the yummy treats ready.

We started out by having the kids make a fun picture with Halloween foam stickers.

When the pizza arrived, we headed into the family room to watch "Monster House".
After the pizza was inhaled, the kids dug into the treats! This was Lily's favorite part. =)

Then we played Pin the Nose on the Jack-O-Lantern. Zach and Riley were really good!
Lily started out well.....

....but then decided to cheat at the last second! =)

Next was Halloween Bingo! These are some of the kids with the vampire teeth they got for winning.

Then it was time for DANCING!!

After everyone left, I was EXHAUSTED! Then Zach came up to me, gave me a big hug, and said, "Mom, this was the best party ever!!!" For that, it was definitely worth all of the work. =)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Street

There is a street in Wichita that is known as Halloween Street. Most of the houses on two blocks of the street have the greatest decorations. We usually take the kids a few days before Halloween to see the houses. We do not go on Halloween. This street gets up to 4,000 kids on Halloween, and I don't feel the need to walk around in the dark with my three little ones with that many other people. Poor Jeff is still sick, (getting better though!) so my sister Amy agreed to go with me. (Thanks Amy!!!)

Here are some pictures from the houses on this street. It is much better in person, but you get the idea.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Crafts

We have been doing lots of Halloween crafts the past week and a half. Here are a few of the fun things the kids made.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Painting Pumpkins

We are going to carve our big pumpkins later this week, but on Saturday, the kids painted their little pumpkins.

Aren't' they cute??
If you are wondering how I make picture collages or how I put their names on the pictures, there is a website, where you can upload your photos and do cool things with them. You can upload 5 at a time and do some stuff for free, for more pictures or even cooler stuff, you have to pay for a membership. (I do not have a membership, I just upload up to 5 pictures and make what I want and then move on to more pictures. My original ones get deleted as I go.) Just thought I would add that's a pretty cool site!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Fun

We only have one small tree in our yard, and it doesn't produce many leaves to play in, so when our next door neighbor let the neighborhood kids play in the leaves in her yard, Zach & Riley ran over quick! Here they are playing with some of their neighbor friends.

Yesterday, Riley had his Halloween party for school (they don't have school next Friday for conferences, so they had it early.) I forgot to take my camera to the party though!!!! I was so mad at myself. Oh well. Since I didn't get any cute pictures of them at the party, I took pictures of Lily and Riley in their Halloween shirts afterwards.

Then when Zach got home, he put his Halloween shirt on.

My three pumpkins!