Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kathleen's 50th Birthday Party!

On Sunday, we celebrated my oldest sister turning 50!! We made cupcakes instead of a cake and put them into shapes for the party. Since Kathleen loves Ireland and she is going there in June (so are Jeff & I!!) we did chocolate cupcakes with mint green frosting in the shape of a shamrock:

We of course had to do a "50" too. Kathleen likes strawberry cake, so these were strawberry with chocolate frosting. We went with chocolate instead of black frosting. I think if you put too much coloring in frosting it tastes yucky, so chocolate still gave us the "black" we wanted, but without all of the coloring!

And what's a 50th party without a graveyard? ;0) These were cheesecakes with chocolate cookies crumbs on top for the "dirt". The gravestones are Milano cookies with chocolate almond bark piped on them. They have skull & bones, 50, RIP, and 1964, the year Kathleen was born.

Kathleen's daughter, Rachel, made this cute rag banner and Happy Birthday banner:

Kathleen's grandoughters; Ceridwen & Brigid:

Kathleen's grandson, Ares & Lily:

For one of the decorations, we had an adult diaper cake for Kathleen with funny "old people" things:

There was also a guest book!

Then Kathleen got there!!
Kathleen & her youngest, Lindsey:

Nana & her girls:

Mr. Ares really loves his Nana!

Kathleen & her oldest, Rachel:

Her middle daughter, Karen was missing. :0(
She lives in Germany though & is 8 months pregnant, so she had a pretty good excuse for not being there. ;0)

Kathleen looking at the beautiful scrapbook Rachel made her:

Our mommy, Jan, and Kathleen:

Kathleen & Amy:

Kathleen & I:

All the girls! Amy, Mary, Kathleen, me, Dianna, & mom:

Kathleen & the boys. (You can really see how short she is here. Hee Hee)
Tom, Bill, Kathleen, and Pat.
(Joe is missing, he was in Texas.)

Kathleen loves margaritas, so we had margarita punch. It was alcohol free so everyone could drink it, but we made sure Kathleen had something a little extra in her special cup:

Kathleen & Dad:
 Kathleen & Mary: 

Kathleen & Dianna:

Then people started showing up for the party!
Lindsey enjoying the party. ;)

The highlight for Kathleen?
Watching Rachel do dishes!! lol!

Happy Birthday to my sister, second mommy, and friend. We love you! :0)