Saturday, May 31, 2014

Gettin' Our Summer Fun On!

We have been having fun checking off things from our Sumer Fun List! Here are some of the things we have been doing this past week:

Science Experiments! We will do lots more of these, this was just the first one we have done. We've done it before & the kids LOVED it! Cheap & easy fun! All you need is a big box of baking soda, a bottle of vinegar, food coloring, cups, plates, and medicine droppers. 

Divide the vinegar into how many cups you want color for (We did six; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, & purple)then mix the food coloring into the vinegar. Pour baking soda onto each plate and let them suck up the vinegar into the droppers and pour onto the plates. Then watch the colorful fizziness begin!

We also had a scavenger hunt with cousins this week! We went to my mom's where is was being held. I had a word list for the older kids who could read and a picture list for the two 2 year olds. My sister Mary made these cute bags for them to collect their stuff in, and everyone got ice cream bubbles for completing the hunt!

The winner of each hunt each got a beach ball! Ceri won the picture hunt and Taby won the word hunt! Way to guy girls!

Another thing we have checked off our list is art projects! We will do many more projects, but this was out first one; painting bird houses!

They did a super good job on them and they are now hanging on our deck, making it pretty!

We are already having so much fun this summer and we can't wait to do more fun stuff!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Making S'Mores with Cousins!

We went over to Jeff's parent's house for Memorial Day for dinner, and after dinner, Sheril had a surprise for all the grandkids; S'Mores! They were all excited!

Since we were keeping Emma for my sister, she got to have S'Mores too!

Elayne & Bryce cheesing it up!

Aiden eating his S'More:

Lily and Great Grandma!

Bryce was proud of his TWO S'Mores! ;0)

It was a yummy & sticky evening! :0)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A New Baby Cousin To Love!!

On Sunday night, this little bundle of sweetness was born!

Mr. David was born to my sister & brother-in-law, Amy & Sam. We have been keeping his big sis, Miss Emma, so on Monday morning, I brought her up to the hospital to meet her new baby brother!

While she was curious at first, she was much to busy to see what all was in the room than to pay attention to that little guy, especially since he wasn't really doing anything. ;0) That's OK though, I didn't mind holding & loving on him!

Emma LOVES Mickey & Minnie Mouse, so Amy had these super cute shirts made that say Lil Sis & Lil Bro. Getting a good picture of them together was a tad difficult. ;0)

She did take a break from her exploring to give her brother a kiss though! :0)

Later on that evening, we all went up to meet David!

All three kids thought he was adorable!!

Jeff & I thought he was pretty cute too!

Welcome to the family David!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Botanica Gardens & New Pictures of the Kids!

Today was the kids last day of school for the year!! We celebrated by going out to lunch since they got out at noon and then heading to Botanica. Then I ruined it by making them dress up so I could take pictures of them before they could play. I'm such a mean mom. ;0)

Here are some of the pictures I took of them for their new pictures to hand out to family.

This was the best group picture I could get of them. :0(
But, I really just wanted individual pictures, so I'll try again another time.

I think they turned out pretty good! :0) Botanica is such a beautiful place to take pictures!!

I had watched Emma for Amy while she was at the doctor, so we invited them along with us!

Emma really thinks that she is just as big as those other kids. :0)

I LOVE this picture!!! <3 font="">

We were moving on & Emma was not happy about it. ;0)

Sweet Momma & Baby Girl picture before Baby Brother is born!!


While it was CRAZY humid, (YUCK!!) it was fun to watch all four kiddos run around enjoying the gardens. We will definitely go again this summer, but next time, I won't make them take pictures too. ;0)