Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bulletin Board Project

One of the things I had been dreading with the new school year, was the backpacks, jackets, & coats piled up on my closet doorknob & dining room table chairs. I also dreaded having all of those newsletters and calenders all over my fridge overlapping one another. This year I would have three backpacks crowded on the doorknob:

And 3 sets of notes and calenders.....
I decided I wanted a bulletin board big enough for all of the newsletters plus the monthly school & lunch calendar. I also wanted a way to hang the kids backpacks and jackets/coats so they were all together. (and off my chairs!) So, Jeff got to work making the frame: 

Zach helped out Jeff with this part. This is how he dressed to help Jeff:

Apparently Lily thought this was how she needed to dress to help out:

Here is the frame, finished & stained. Notice the pegs on the bottom. =) 

After he attached the cork board, he hung it up on the wall for me.

I added the calendars & newsletters & the kids hung up their backpacks when they got home today!

I even made little name tags for their spots, so there are no fights on who's stuff goes where. :0)

So now we have a nice organized place where we can find everything! Thanks Jeff!!


  1. It looks Awesome!!! And yes, nothing says I am ready to do hard labor than pearls and a taffata dress ;0)-


  2. I'm making Kyle make me one of these hopefully this weekend. Well, at least get it started this weekend.

  3. That looks so good! If we lived in KS, I'd totally pay him to make me one too! LOVE IT!!!! Jealous!