Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Egg Dying, Hunts, & Crafts!

We have been busy with Easter stuff this week! Earlier in the week, we made these cool crosses with oil pastels.

First, you cut out the shape of a cross, and color the outline with whatever colors you want:

Then you tape the cross to a piece of paper and smudge the color off onto the paper:

After the entire cross has been smudged, take the taped cross off & you get this cool cross:

The next craft we made was an egg that was cut out of card stock that we put designs on using painters tape:

 After the design is on, the kids used paint to paint over the entire egg:

 Emma also took this opportunity to paint herself. ;0)

After the paint is dry, peel off the tape & you have the design!

This is Emma's egg. I took pictures of my kids' eggs, but I guess I didn't transfer them over to the computer. :0( They did a good job though!!

The other craft from this week, I only did with Emma. Here is her bunny with footprint ears & hand print whiskers:

This morning, we dyed Easter Eggs!

It is crazy how much more relaxing this is now that the kids are older. I actually enjoy this now. ;0)

Then this afternoon, we went over to Jeff's parents' house for an egg hunt! They started out with an egg race first though.

Then it was time for the hunt!!

They had SO much fun!!
The only thing we have left now, is Easter itself!

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  1. Those are fun crafts! I wish my older boys liked to do them more but they don't...waaaa!

    I like the egg race idea. I'll have to remember that for next yr,