Tuesday, February 11, 2014

More Valentines!

They kids have been enjoying their Valentines everyday! They love seeing what is waiting for them on the table each morning. :0)
Here is what they have gotten and what they will get for Valentine's Day:

My kids loved both Despicable Me movies, especially the minions, so when I saw these, I knew I had to make them for the kids! You can find the minion printable for the Twinkies at www.halegrafx.com

My kids love gum, so this was perfect for them!

Who doesn't love money?!? ;0)

Sunday morning breakfast was taken care of with these heart shaped jelly donuts!

I had to explain to them what "cream of the crop" meant..... ;0)

Since the boys are completely obsessed with Mine Craft & you use dynamite in it, I knew that these would be perfect for them. (Lily liked them too!)

They will get these tomorrow morning:

And these are for Thursday:

On Friday, they will get these cute bags....

with a small box of chocolates for each of them. The boys will get Wizard 101 cards (another game they love).

Lily will get a new necklace & earrings:

This is always so fun to do. I love the reaction I see when they get up each morning. :0)
I hope you all have a happy Valentine's Day!!
Jeff & I will be spending it celebrating the fact that we have been together for 17 years!! (Wow...that makes me feel old.....)

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