Thursday, May 21, 2015

Summer Fun List!! (2015)

Today is the kids' last day of school!! It is always a welcome change of pace. (Ask me how I like this change at the beginning of August though....) ;0)
Every year we make a list of fun things the kids would like to do over the summer break. Some are big things we only do once and some are little things we do lots of times. I just think that it helps us be more intentional with our time during the summer. :0)

So here it is:

Summer Fun List 2015!!
  1. Jumpy Jump Land
  2. Get Air
  3. Botanica
  4. Zoo
  5. Keeper of the Plains Light Show
  6. Eggshell Painting
  7. Fishing
  8. Exploration Place
  9. Science Experiments
  10. Art Projects
  11. Cooking Projects
  12. Laser Quest
  13. Drive-In Movie
  14. Palace Movie
  15. Cow Town
  16. Making Popsicles
  17. Ice Cream Party
  18. Life Size Candyland Game
  19. Sprinkler
  20. Swimming
  21. Sprinkler Park
  22. Farmer's Market
  23. Water Balloon Fight
  24. Outdoor Movie Night
  25. Building Forts
  26. Play With Shaving Cream
  27. Color Powder War
  28. Go To The Park
  29. Scavenger Hunt
  30. Geo Caching
  31. Summer Reading Program
  32. Mini-Vacation
  33. Paint The Towne
  34. Fireworks
  35. S'Mores/Backyard Fire
  36. Bowling
  37. Lunar Golf
  38. All Star Sports
Happy Summer Break!!!

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