Monday, February 1, 2016

Colorado Mini Vacation

A few days after Christmas, Jeff, the kids, and I headed to Colorado. Jeff had to go for work, and since the kids were off school, we all decided to go. :0)

My kids LOVE tea. When Jeff realized that the Celestial Seasonings Factory was close by, he knew the kids would want to go there.

While waiting for the tour, we got to try lots of different teas!

We all had to wear hair nets during the tour. Lily was the only one who let me take a picture. :0)

We couldn't take any pictures during the tour, so there are none of the actual factory.

Our "tickets" were tea bags and we got to keep them after the tour. The kids tasted a few more teas, and then we headed out to lunch at Red Robin.

The kids got silly straws at lunch. :0)

The next day, we headed up into the mountains so the kids could see the snow!

The kids really liked these tunnels.

Zach was cold by this time, and didn't want to get out of the car anymore....

That evening, we went to the kids' favorite place to eat in Denver; Casa Bonita!
The food isn't anything spectacular, but its OK. The thing they like the most is the cliff divers and the shows. We had a really good table this time; right next to the cliff!!

The cliff diver would climb up by us and Lily and Riley would talk to her.

Lily was fascinated by her. We had to tell her to stop talking to her so she could dive. ;0)

After dinner, we let the kids play in the arcade.

When all their tokens were gone, we were going to leave, but the kids noticed that the gorilla show was going to be on soon, so we stayed for it.

The cliff diver dove a few more times while we waited. Lily was SO excited she could talk to her again!! She was so sweet to Lily. :0)

We headed back to our hotel after we watched the Gorilla show.
The next few days were spent relaxing at the hotel while Jeff worked. We had a two room suite, so that was nice. The boys gladly spent their time on their laptops.

Lily watched movies and painted her finger/toe nails.

She also painted my toenails. :0)

 We also brought some games. One was Family Trivia. Riley beat the pants off of all of us that first game!

One evening, we went to one of Jeff's & my favorite restaurant, Maggiano's. Its yummy!! This sleigh was outside and the kids wanted their picture taken in it. 

Lily liked having Mom/Dad time with no interruptions. :0)

On New Year's Eve, we went to see The Good Dinosaur. It was such a cute movie!!

Later, we toasted in the new year! The kids had sparkling juice:

(Zach thinks he's funny...)

And Jeff & I had champagne:

On New Year's Day, we traveled back home. It was a fun, relaxing trip where we got to spend some quality time together. :0)

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