Monday, March 15, 2010

The Funny Things Riley Says

Riley cracks me up ALL of the time.
He says the funniest stuff sometimes.
So, here are some funny things from Mr. Riley:

"When I grow up I'm gonna be a ninja...........or a vampire. I don't know which one yet."

(After Jeff & I got a new mattress.)
Riley: "Are we going to the mattress store again?"
Me: "No."
Riley: "Oh.....I really need a new mattress."
Me: "Why?"
Riley: "My back is just killing me!"

(Riley likes to make 'chili sandwiches' out of crackers and chili.)
"Mom! These chili sandwiches are delicious! I can give you the recipe. It's just crackers with a surprise ball of chili inside!"

Riley: "Mom, why did the dinosaurs die out?"
Me: "Some people think a meteor hit the earth and blocked out the sun, so the dinosaurs ran out of food."
Riley: "Oh! So they ran out of food, so they all died?"
Me: "Yes."
Riley: "Or a UFO could have come and given the dinosaurs more food, then they would have lived.'
Me: "Well.......yes, that could have happened, (not really) but it didn't."
Riley: "Yeah, that was a pretty crazy idea!"

"Mom, when I get home, I'm gonna clean my room, make my bed, and then jump off a big building!"

(Riley likes the idea of jumping off buildings and landing on something soft. One day he was telling the dental assistant he was going to jump off of one of the castles that was pictured in a poster on the wall.)
Riley: "I want to jump off that really tall castle."
Dental Assistant: Won't you get hurt if you do that?"
Riley: "I'm gonna have a big pillow at the bottom!"
DA: "Oh! Silly me!"

I was getting ready in my bathroom and Riley was in there with me. He started combing his hair
and then looked in the mirror and said,
"Oh Riley, you sure are a beauty!"

Hope you enjoyed a few conversations between us and Riley. =)

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