Friday, March 26, 2010

Hair Flowers

I love putting things in Lily's hair.
I have lots of bows and some headbands that I use.
She even has some cute hats.
I had seen big flowers on clips and headbands and thought those would be really cute in her hair.
So I ordered some headbands and a big purple daisy flower clip.
But when I got it, I was kind of disappointed.
It was not the color I thought it was going to be. =(
Then I looked at it and thought.....I could make this myself!
So I took Lily to Michael's and we picked out some cute flowers:

I also bought some hair clips and some headbands.
I clipped off the stems of the flowers,
got out my trusty glue gun,
and glued the flower to the clip.

Now Lily has cute clips for her hair and for headbands!

We even clipped one onto her hat.
(It is just clipped on, so we can change out the color of the flower.)

I made three flower clips.
(and have about 7 more clips left to make more.)
All for under $6.00!!
Jeff is happy that we are saving money on this. ;-)

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