Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Craft Party!

We had an Easter Craft Party with Lily's preschool cousins this week. We started out by making paper Easter eggs using colored cotton balls:

and colored rice:

(These are both made by using a several drops of food coloring and a cap-full of rubbing alcohol, mixing with the cotton balls or rice, and then letting them dry on newspaper.)

The kids had fun making designs with the glue, and then adding the rice and cotton balls.

They all did a good job!

Then we made bunny faces using paper plates, googly eyes, puff balls, and construction paper.

The twins didn't get to do crafts. ;0) But they did have fun being held by their Grammy.

After the crafts, it was time for the:

After they found all of their eggs, it was time for a yummy Easter snack!

It was another great party!

I am going to miss these when Lily is in Kindergarten next year, so I will try to get in as many as I can while she's still home with me. :0)


  1. You think Emma and the twins will be too young for craft days? LOL!

  2. Yeah! Just because Lily can't be there doesn't mean that you have to quit!! Camden, Emma, Ceri and Brigid will still come :0)


  3. Somehow I don't think craft days with 3 infants will be that productive. Lol!