Saturday, March 24, 2012

Still Here.....

We're still here and I'm still blogging, I just haven't posted anything all week. I had all of these fun outdoor plans for the kids during Spring Break, but the rain decided to cancel those. So, we just kind of hung out. The kids played games, we baked some yummy treats, we went out to lunch with Jeff, drew pictures, and just relaxed. And I didn't take pictures of anything. On Friday, it finally stopped raining and we met Aunt Amy & Uncle Sam at the zoo. It was nice to be able to be outside and run around! Today we are enjoying the sunshine, watching Jeff with his new toy....
and I'm working on a fun new project for the backyard. (pictures to come soon.....hopefully) ;0)

I hope you enjoyed your Spring Break. We did, even though we didn't get to do most of the stuff we had planned. It was a nice break from the rush of school, meetings, and homework. =)

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