Sunday, February 3, 2013

14 Days of Valentines!

I saw the 14 Days of Valentines on Pinterest, so I thought that would be a fun thing to do. Each day the kids get a cute valentine to surprise them. Some of the things I saw on different sites on Pinterest & others I thought of on my own. (The first one was courtesy of my sister Dianna.)
On Friday, they got their first one:

It is a deflated Mylar balloon inside a bag. You have to pop it with your hand...

and it will slowly fill with air, pop out of the bag, and turn into a filled balloon:

 These were SO fun! (You can get them at Dollar Tree. They come 4 in a pack!) The balloons literally popped out of the bag and into the air. The kids really liked this surprise. They also liked it when they learned that they were getting 13 more days of fun Valentines!

On Saturday, the kids woke up to these: 

Giant glow sticks in their favorite colors! These were also a hit. (and also from Dollar Tree...gotta love that place!) The kids can't wait to see what it next!


  1. Oh so looking at Dollar Tree for those ballons. Are they w/ the VDay stuff or ballons?

    1. Jenna, they are with the Valentine stuff. They come four to a pack & they're not very big (probably the perfect size for your boys) but they are SO fun! We bought more for the kids to pass out as Valentines for their classes. :0)