Thursday, February 21, 2013

The BIG Snow of 2013!

We have had a ton of snow over the past few days! It started Tuesday night and by Wednesday afternoon there were several inches in the backyard! The kids were ecstatic!

Jeff came out & threw a snowball at the kids, but he wasn't really dressed for playing in the snow, so he ducked back in when the kids tried to get him.

After that, he got dressed & we had a big snowball fight in the backyard!
Then, this morning there was more snow! We had 11 inches on the deck!

We had promised the kids we would go sledding, so we went to the park by our house to sled down the big hill!

This evening, we played in the front yard while Jeff cleared off the driveway. I love this picture! Zach is very unaware of what Riley is doing while he is posing for a picture:

Ha Ha!
Lily tried to catch snowflakes on her tongue:

While the boys were digging tunnels:

Lily was throwing snowballs at Jeff:

So he threw snow at Lily with the shovel. ;0)

And of course, no snow day would be complete without snow angels!

The kids get another snow day tomorrow, so we are planning on doing a snowman!

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