Monday, April 18, 2016

Riley's Birthday

Riley's birthday got started a little early, the Saturday before his actual birthday. He wanted to go to Fireshark Gaming with a few friends (plus Lily and Riley).

Afterwards, we headed over to Orange Leaf for yogurt! (It was actually renamed something else, but it was just as good.) :0)

The night before Ri's birthday, we happened to go to Carlos O'Kelly's, and Riley got Birthday Sopapillas!

On his birthday, he got to open presents after school:

This is Riley opening his present from Lily. Apparently she was very excited about it. ;0)

It was a home-made sling shot. :0)

I had attempted to make a lemon cheesecake for him per his request, but I seriously messed it up. :0(  Luckily, we had some brownies leftover from what he took to school, so we put candles in it and sang happy birthday to him. Riley is such a good sport! He didn't mind one bit. :0)

I did (re) make the cheesecake the next day though. (This time using the correct ingredients and following the directions.)
Thankfully it turned out great this time!

So we stuck candles in this one and sang happy birthday to him again!

Happy Birthday Riley!!

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