Friday, April 8, 2016

Sheep Puff Ball Banner

Lily LOVES sheep. I mean bordering on obsession loves them. For real.
So, when I saw this sheep banner made out of puff balls, I knew she would love it. Crafts plus sheep, and throw in that we made some pink? This is basically Lily's idea of heaven. ;0)

First we got tan and pink yarn, mini puff balls for the head, and hot glue.

Place a piece of yarn between your fingers to hold it in place:

Then loosely wrap it around your hand several times. The more you wrap, the poofier it will be. 

The next step is to tie the middle like this:

Then take it off your hand:

Cut the other side:

Trim it up so the ends are all the same size.

Then glue on the tiny puff ball for the head.

Once the glue was dry, we placed string were we wanted it then hot glued it on.

We put it up around her bed:

It was really pretty easy and it turned out super cute!

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