Thursday, July 28, 2016

St. Maarten 2016 (Last one!)

After Lily's birthday, we kind of just fell into a pattern of just hanging out at the beach. :0) One day we played Bingo too!

Jeff & I enjoyed some alone time walking on the beach one night.

One day, Jeff & the boys rode the jet skis!

Lily didn't want to, so she just built sandcastles. :0)

We enjoyed the Sunset Cruise so much, that we went again the second week. This time, Jeff, Zach, and Riley got to hoist the sail & Lily & Riley got to help steer the boat!

Last day on the beach. :0(

We had time to eat lunch before our flight on our last day, so we ate at the restaurant by the airport where you can watch the planes fly in!

Then we were on our way home! It was a great vacation!!

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