Tuesday, July 26, 2016

St. Maarten 2016

In June, we set off for our two week vacation in St. Maarten. This was the 4th time for Jeff & I and the 2nd time for the kids. It was so fun and so relaxing!!

We stayed in two different condos. The first condo was on a pretty rough beach, but the pool was nice and we felt like we had the whole place to ourselves most of the time! We got there on Father's Day, so we celebrated Jeff with some presents, before heading out to the pool.

The following pictures are from our balcony.
Riley thought he needed an umbrella for his drink. Unfortunately, we never found any. ;0)

The pool was great!

Views from around the condo:

Driving to the store:


Between swimming, venturing out to the open air markets, and just laying around, we headed over to the French side of the island. We stopped at a bakery and got some yummy French pastries!

After the bakery, we headed to the French open air market, then stopped for a snack while the kids showed off their souvenir purchases.


After we got back on the Dutch side, we headed down to Phillipsburg and did some more shopping!

Later in the week, we went back to the French side to eat at a yummy French restaurant by the ocean. The food was good, but the kids liked the dog that kept coming over and begging for food the most. :0)

Since we hadn't been at a beach yet, we headed to one of the public beaches in Phillipsburg. The kids were in heaven!!

The bar/restaurant that was by where we were sitting was called Captain Jack's. Lily thought that was funny!

This was the first half of our first week. We had so much fun. More pictures to come!!

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