Sunday, August 7, 2016


Lily took a summer acting camp where they put on the play Cinderella. They auditioned for parts on the first day and Lily was SO excited when she found out she was Cinderella!!!

Before the show!

Poor Cinderelly!

Lily singing her solo, "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart makes".

Getting dirty socks thrown on her head by her mean stepsisters. xD

Getting told she can't go to the ball....

The mice made her a dress!!

But those mean stepsisters tore it apart!!

Poor Cinderella!

Her Fairy Godmother appeared!!

Her coach!

Cinderella is now ready for the ball, glass slippers and all!

Leaving for the ball!

Meeting Prince Charming and dancing!

The other glass slipper fits! She's the one the prince was dancing with!

True Love!

The end!

Lily in her Cinderella dress:

Lily with her awesome director!

Lily had so much fun and worked so hard to learn her lines. She did a great job and can't wait to act some more!

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