Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ramsey Family Fun Night!

Every summer we do stuff with our Ramsey cousins; water balloons, scavenger hunts, etc.... Well, a bunch of family who live out of town were in town, so we decided to cram it all into one night! We had a scavenger hunt, a water balloon fight, and then topped it all off with an out door movie night!

First off was the scavenger hunt. There were different hunts for different age groups, with a prize for the winners of each group.

There was even an adult hunt with an adult prize!

Next on the list was water balloons. With so many people participating, we had a lot of balloons. It took awhile to set them all out!

On your mark, get set, go!!

David was determined to hit me in the foot with a water balloon! XD

Finally, it started to get dark, and we popped popcorn and got ready for the movie!

We watched the movie, Secret Life of Pets in the front of my parents house in our comfy chairs eating yummy snacks. It was a great night with family!!

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