Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Reconciliation

Zach received the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time today.
He and his classmates have been preparing for this all year!
Before we left I asked if he was nervous.
He said he was a little bit, but was fine.
He looked really nervous though.
He knew there was nothing to be afraid of though.
We watched him waiting patiently in line.
Then waited for him to come out.
When he did, he was crying. =(
I went over to see if he was OK.
He calmed down after his teacher & I talked to him.
He said he was just so nervous & he only started crying when it was all over.
Zach has always worn his heart on his sleeve.
I think it was just so overwhelming for him, knowing the first time was finally over.
There was lots of build-up to this day.
He was better by the time we got to the reception and he got to have cookies and punch. =)
They all got these hearts that they made, after they made their First Reconciliation.

The next big step in his religious education will be First Communion.
It is not until May though,
Hopefully he won't be as nervous for this next sacrament.

We are SO proud of you Zach!!
You have become such a loving person.
You love to learn about God and you try hard to follow His example.
We love you!!

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