Monday, January 31, 2011

Boy Fun

Zach got a BB gun for his Birthday, but because of the hectic weekends before Christmas, plus cold weather, he had not been able to shoot it yet.
He also got a marshmallow crossbow as a prize from selling popcorn for Boy Scouts.
Again, we had not been able to do anything with this either.
So, on Saturday, we took advantage of the beautiful weather & headed over to my parent's house to shoot both.
The boys started with the marshmallow shooters.
You place a marshmallow in the chamber and pull back on the strings.
Then you can launch a marshmallow in the air (or at your little sister, or your Granddad...whatever you choose.)

The boys had a lot of fun with these.
Here they are trying to shoot pop cans with them.
The marshmallows are hard to see, but they are next to the arrows.

Finally Lily got to have a chance.

She wasn't as enthralled as the boys were.
I think she only shot it a few times before going back to sit with Granddad.

Then Zach got to shoot his BB gun.

Riley got to shoot it too.

Zach started out shooting pop cans, but then he ended up shooting the marshmallows from the crossbow.
He shot this marshmallow from 35 feet away!!

What a great shot Zach!

The boys (including Jeff) had a lot of fun with their "boy toys".

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