Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Zach the Scientist

One of the things Zach got for Christmas was a Magic School Bus science kit.
Zach loves science.
He does not get this from me..... ;-)

Yesterday, Zach decided to do an experiment where he learned that the pressure of air going out of a balloon will cause it to move forward.

First he had to make two chairs 10 feet apart.
He got out the tape measure and got to work.
The kit came with most of the supplies, including goggles.
He thought he needed to wear them for this experiment.

He had to tape a string to each chair.
Then he taped a balloon that I had blown up but not tied, to a straw that was on the string.
He counted down and let go of the balloon:

It flew across the string and down to the other chair!
We had to do this several times.....
until I said that I could not possibly blow that balloon up one more time.
I know, I know. I'm such a party pooper.
We did leave the experiment out until Jeff got home so he could show him.

One of the things I like about this kit is that it comes with a manual that explains in kid terms how to do the experiment and why they get the result they get. He could do this one basically on his own. I just helped a little with set up, but he read the directions and told me what needed to be done and why.
Even though it is not something that I get excited about,
I am glad Zach likes all of this science stuff.
I hope he stays that way.

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