Monday, March 28, 2011

New Patio

This is what the front of our backyard looked like 2 weeks ago: We decided that adding a patio coming off of the deck would be a nice addition. That way we could put our grill, smoker, and fire pit on it and not be in the mud if it had been rainy. So, we had 4 tons of sand delivered. To our driveway. We needed it in the backyard.... So, I enslaved my children and made them help me get it into the backyard.

They were a TON of help. ;0)

Jeff raked out the sand piles we had made in the backyard and leveled it all out.

Then he and his brothers started laying down the bricks we had picked out.

Thanks Aaron & Richard!!!

By the end of the day this is what it looked like:

All that needed to be done was the bricks that had to be cut.

Sounds easy, but really it wasn't.

It took Jeff almost the rest of the week to get it finished.

After he got home from work each day.

This is what it looked like on Friday evening:

Jeff had gotten all of the bricks cut and laid, and then we had swept sand into the cracks and Jeff added dirt to the edge where we will plant new grass.

After seeing a brick fire pit at Lowe's, we decided to copy it.

Here is ours:

Then while we were at Menard's where we bought all of the bricks, I saw this patio set and thought it made the perfect addition. =)

So here is our new patio:

We LOVE it!!


  1. It really turned out awesome!! Many years of happy outdoors to you!


  2. That looks great, Jenny! You will love it!