Sunday, March 6, 2011

Night At The Library

On Thursday night, Lily & I were going to go to the library for a stuffed animal sleep over.
The library was having a pajama story time for children and their stuffed animals and then the animals would get to "sleep" over at the library & the librarian (Aunt Amy) was going to take pictures of what the animals did while they were there & then everyone who came got a scrapbook when they went back to pick up their animal.
Lily was SUPER excited about it!!
When the boys heard what we were doing, they wanted to go too.
So, they all got there jammies on and grabbed a stuffed animal.

Here is who they took:

I reminded them that whoever they took had to stay at the library, so they needed to take someone they were ok with not sleeping with that night.
Lily & Riley chose animals they didn't really sleep with (Hello Kitty & Scooby Doo).
Zach however really, really wanted pictures of Dog-Dog having fun at the library.
Jeff & I were very surprised at this choice.
Zach has had Dog-Dog since he was 1 day old. (Given to him by Uncle Bill.)
He LOVES Dog-Dog.
Like really, really loves him.
But he was determined so we let him take him.

At the story time, they got to listen to stories and do fun dances with their animals.

Then they decorated the outside of their scrapbooks for their animals.

Then they got their pictures taken with their animals and told them good night.

(I have no idea why Riley looks so sad in this picture... he wasn't sad at all!)

That night, someone may or may not have been upset before bed.
That someone would not admit that he was missing a certain someone.
Even after we said Aunt Amy would bring him home to him.
He said he was just tired.

After school, the first thing the kids wanted to do was go to the library to pick up their animals and see what fun things they got to do at the library!
Here are the front of their scrapbooks:
Here are some of the pictures that were in their scrapbooks:

They got to play on the computer......

do puzzles (Lily thought this one was especially funny).....

and sleep on a sleeping bag!

Looking at the pictures was like a "Where's Waldo" game. =)
They had fun looking for their animals in each picture.

Thanks Aunt Amy & the staff at the Central Library!!
The kids had a lot of fun!!!


  1. This is HILARIOUS!! And sweet! Did Amy have to edit some of the photos or did all the stuff animals behave themselves ;0)-


  2. All the animals behaved themselves. They were all very good! ;-) It was a ton of fun, I'm glad the kids got to come and I'm sure it will be a repeat program. :-)

  3. P.S. - I love the pics of the kids dancing!