Friday, September 9, 2011


Yesterday, my sister Mary & I went to Botanica with Lily & Johnny. I had never been there, but I had heard good things about the new Children's Garden there. Thursdays also happen to be $3.00 admission days, so that was a bonus!
We started out wandering around the gardens.

We saw so many pretty flowers and plants!

Then we found the butterfly garden!

There were so many pretty butterflies! They were flying all over the place. Some would even let you get them on your fingers!

The kids wanted to touch them, but weren't too sure once they were really up close.

Lily finally got brave enough to hold one!

Then she decided to kiss it!

We left the butterfly garden, to search for the Children's Garden. Along the way, we found more pretty flowers and plants.

When we saw this, we knew we were in the right direction:

There were rainbows everywhere!

There was a really cute section that showed the life cycle of a butterfly. It had statues, dress up clothes, and paper & pencils to draw with.

Then it was time for the musical maze.

We found this cool guy the kids could climb through.....

...he was attached to this huge tree house!

I really liked these trees that looked like people.

After we tore the kids away from that section of the Children's Garden, we headed over to a cute little house where the kids could pump water and water plants.

They also got to play in the house and "fix us lunch". ;0)

It was time to go, so we headed back through the gardens to get out.

We had so much fun! We will definitely be going back soon!

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