Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Lamb

Lily's favorite toy is a stuffed lamb she calls Baby Lamb. (Formerly known as Sheepy.) She has had Baby Lamb since she was born. That poor lamb is drug all over the place, slept with, thrown around, hugged tightly, and thoroughly loved.
Yesterday was Baby Lamb's Birthday. I know this because Lily told me it was. I just happened to have baked some blueberry muffins and Ares happened to be over playing, so we had an impromptu party.

We put a candle in a muffin and sang Happy Birthday to Baby Lamb.

Then Lily blew out the candle.

It is so funny that she wanted to do this, because I remember Zach wanting to do the same thing for his favorite toy, Dog-Dog. (My kids are super imaginative about naming their toys.) ;0) Zach wanted to have parties for Dog-Dog all of the time....I think it had more to do with getting cookies, cupcakes, or muffins and blowing out a candle than it had to do with Dog-Dog though.

After we were done, Ares decided that he wasn't going to miss out on Birthday fun. (They usually share a birthday party anyway...why not share their toys' birthday too??) He decided that it was going to be the Joker's Birthday.

So we got another candle, and sang Happy Birthday to the Joker. Ares did it in one of his many voices he uses for toys. He just cracks me up!

Batman even made a surprise appearance:

Ares helped Joker by blowing out his candle:

I love these fun little moments. =)

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