Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Monkey See, Monkey Do

I like to take pictures. LOTS of pictures. Luckily the kids have gotten used to the fact that their lives are continuously documented on film. Most of the time they enjoy having their picture taken. Zach has even gotten into taking pictures. He has a camera on his DSi and likes to take pictures and then edit them in funny ways by adding things or words to them. So, when he said he wanted to take a picture of Riley in his scout uniform, I didn't really think anything of it.
Until I heard, "OK, take this bow and act like you are shooting it."

He was giving Riley props and having him pose! It was cracking me up! So, of course I took a picture of him taking a picture. :0)
Here he is checking his pictures out:

I thought he was done, so I walked out of the room. But a little while later, I heard, "Riley, hold out that shark head and have it bite Lily. Now Lily stick your finger in the shark head and make a face like your screaming."

For the record, I have never had any of them do that.

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