Monday, November 14, 2011

Appliqued Turkey Shirt

I have seen appliqued shirts everywhere. They are super cute. So, I decided to try making one myself. Which now means my mom will say, "See I told you that you can sew." Will you still do most of my sewing for me though mom? Please?? :0)
I saw a version of this turkey on a craft website. It was for a place mat, but I decided to make a shirt for Lily instead. They also used lots of cute fabric for the feathers, but I don't have lots of cute fabric lying around, so I used felt.
I started out by cutting out the feathers and two circles for the head and body of the turkey:

Then I arranged them how I wanted them to look on the shirt. I used a little bit of craft glue to hold them in place.

Next, I used a little but if hemming tape to hold the turkey in place while I sewed it on. Then I just used brown thread and stitched the outline of the turkey. (By hand, I really am not that good on a sewing machine.)

After that, I used black, red, and yellow fabric puff paint to make the legs, eyes, beak, and waddle.

Lily loved it!

I am pretty excited about how this turned out. A lot of times I have an idea of how something will look in my head and the end project isn't always the same picture. Thus crushing my dreams of being the next Martha Stewart. ;0) But this time I was pleasantly surprised by how it turned out. It was super easy too, so I think Miss Lily will have more shirts like this in the future. Because she desperately needs more clothes..... ;0)


  1. I LOVE this shirt! Too Cute! I was just thinking about making t-shirts with the handprint turkey on them yesterday...this is WAY better. Nice work. Now you just need a mommy shirt w/the same thing so you can be twinkies on Turkey Day :0)