Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Decorating the Tree

We set up our Christmas trees after Zach's party on Sunday. We don't decorate for Christmas until after Zach's party with family. That way it's only about his Birthday.
Riley helped Jeff set up the big tree in the family room. I don't have pictures of this. I have no idea where I was during that. Seriously. Lily helped Jeff set up the smaller tree in the living room. (Yes, I have 2 trees. One with all of the kids' handmade decorations, decorations they have been given, and decorations that are mine & Jeff's. The other one is a "pretty tree" that matches.) Anyway.....Lily was super excited to be helping. She hasn't gotten to help put the tree up before.

Why yes, she is wearing a that odd? ;0) I like how she cheeses up for the camera whenever I have it out.

Yes, that is a very cluttered TV cabinet.........why do you ask? ;0)
After both trees were up, they kids got into their boxes of ornaments. They each have their own now so there was no more fighting this year over someone putting up someone elses' ornament. It made putting up the tree so much more fun.

There was a mad dash to get their ornament on the tree first though. Riley put a gingerbread man he made in Kindergarten last year on first. He is so proud of it. =)

After the coveted front and top of the tree spots were taken, they settled down and carefully put their ornaments on. Zach took the longest. He has a ton of ornaments. Not only is he the oldest, but because his Birthday is so close to Christmas, he got a lot of ornaments as presents when he was a baby.

Lily picked out this glittery ballerina with a feather tutu for her ornament this year. It just screams Lily. She has a tendency to pick out the most girly things.....

Towards the end of them decorating, (and while they were starting to put up ornaments that are Jeff's & mine) I noticed the front was pretty full. I told them that they had to put some of their ornaments in the back too, that they couldn't all go in the front. Lily then said to me, "We're not putting them all in the front. We're putting yours & dad's in the back." She is such a sweetheart. ;0)

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  1. very nice - We will be decorating this weekend =)