Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Leaf Art Project, Batman & Princess Birthday Party, and Hot Chocolate

What do these three things have in common?
Two 4 year olds, that's what.
Ares came over to have a play date with Lily today. The first thing they did, was play with Batman. Well, Ares played with Batman and let Lily play with the princesses along side him.

They kept telling me it was a Birthday party. I'm not quite sure who's party it was though. Here are the guests:

I also do not know why one of the Batmen was on a bed.......

Did you see that the other Batman had a party hat on though?

Too funny!

After the party, we did an art project! We made glittery fall leaves using paint, leaf cutouts, and this glitter I found at Michael's:

I love all of the colors that the glitter came in and I also love how fine the it is. It's not big and chunky like a lot of glitter is.

First they painted their leaves.

Then they gently (ha, ha, ha!) sprinkled (poured) on the glitter. ;0)

They sparkle in the sun!

After they finished their projects, they watched the Polar Express. Yes, I realize it is only November. But Lily could watch The Polar Express in July. She LOVES that movie. She had been wanting to have Ares over to watch it and to drink hot chocolate with her. :0)

They watched it as well as two 4 year olds can watch a movie together (especially when one of them is super talky throughout the entire movie, telling the other one what was going to happen next, but I won't name names here....)
These two have so much fun together and the things they come up with when they play just crack me up! =) Thanks for coming over for a fun day Ares!


  1. Sounds like an awesome afternoon with two creative cute kids :0)


  2. Haha I love it! Thanks for having him over. I'm super surprised he did art because everytime I want to do art with him he wines the whole time.