Friday, August 3, 2012

Lily's 5 Year Pictures

I finally took Lily's 5 year pictures this week.....I know, I'm only a month late.... And I actually only took them, because my niece Rachel, wanted me to take some 5 year pictures of her little guy, Ares:

Isn't he such a cutie?? I actually really went to take this picture though:

Their Momma is really into archaeology, & found these future archaeologist shirts for the kids. As you can see though, little (almost) 6 month olds don't cooperate too much when having their picture taken. ;0)

Anyway...since I was at a super cute location & really did need to take Lily's 5 year pictures, I decided to go a little early & do hers first. So here are some of her pictures:

She gets so excited to get her picture taken. She even tells me where & how she wants it taken. LOL! I wish the boys were so easy. ;0)


  1. Super cute Miss Lily!!


  2. Love it! Told you it was an awesome location ;) The next location for pictures for the fall... Swanson park! That's the park I was telling you about that you should do Lindsey's senior pics at because it has that bridge.