Monday, August 20, 2012

Peacock Art Project

I found this cute art project on one of my favorite blogs; Whatever:
It is making peacocks!! First I painted the kids' hands to make the head, beak, and top feathers.

After they put their hand print on the paper, they painted the neck & body of the peacock:

While the bodies dried, we painted papers for the feathers. We used blue, purple, and green for the big part of the feathers, and orange, red, and yellow for the circles on the feathers. We swirled the paint together to make designs & then used popsicle sticks to make swirls in the paint before it dried.

After they were dry, we cut out feather shapes & circles.

Then we glued the feathers on to the paper & added the circles:

We added eyes to the heads, cut them out, and glued them to the feathers.

Here are our peacocks!!

Since we had extra paper left over, I saved some back so Emma could make a peacock too! Here is her tiny little hand print:

And here is her cute baby peacock!

These were a lot of fun to make & the kids were excited about how they turned out! =)

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