Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My New Job

All three of my kids start school tomorrow. When I started out on this journey of being a stay at home mom, I had all intentions of going back to teaching when my youngest (whoever that was, since I didn't know it was going to be Lily), went to Kindergarten. Well, that day has come. And I'm not going back to teaching. And I am happy with that decision. Ironically, I never wanted to be a stay at home mom. I wanted kids, badly, but I wanted to teach. I had wanted to be a teacher since before I could remember, and I LOVED it! Even when I was pregnant with Zach, I honestly thought that it would be easy to leave him with my mom, and go back to teaching. After all, I had Spring Break coming up and I would have part of the summer off to be with him. I thought that until I held him in my arms for the very first time. They put that little tiny baby (well, not that little; he was over 8 pounds!) in my arms & I decided right then & there that I would much rather be at home with him all of the time. That of course was not a reality. For one thing, we were in the middle of the school year, and for another, even with the cost of childcare, we still couldn't afford for me to stay at home. When I was pregnant with Riley, Jeff & I decided that with the cost of two kids in childcare, it wasn't worth it to work for what I was getting paid, so after he was born, I was able to stay at home with my two little guys. And I have loved it! Still, I missed teaching. I told Jeff that I planned on going back to work after we were done having kids & that child was in Kindergarten. I think that even while I didn't know it, Jeff knew that I was not going to go back so easily. He's pretty smart that way. =) As the kids got older, I realized that I not only loved being home while they were little, but I love being able to go to their school for things, and I love being there when they get out of school. So, as Lily's Kindergarten year got closer, I told Jeff, "I don't think I'm going to go back to teaching yet." Jeff, of course was not surprised. I love teaching, but I love being home more. I didn't think I could just sit at home all day either though. What to do, what to do? My sister, Amy solved that little dilemma for me. She had this precious little baby in May:

No, she didn't have Emma so I didn't have to be bored at home, but she did ask me if I would watch her when she had to go back to work. :0) She got to stay home with her for 12 weeks, but she has to go back to work today. I know that she will be sad, I remember those days, but I am so glad that she has entrusted Emma in my care. So this is my new job. I get to watch this little sweetie, and I still get to be a stay at home mom. I am excited to start my new adventure!


  1. And she couldn't have a better babysitter!

  2. Your sister is luck to have you to watch her. I don't ever plan to go back to work. And Sean knows this and is fine with it. LOL!