Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fun With Turkeys!

Lily's Kindergarten class had a Thanksgiving Feast on Friday, so I thought I would make these cute turkeys I saw on Pinterest:

They are made out of fake leaves, Tootsie Roll Pops, Hershey Kisses, paint for the faces & hot glue to put it all together. The first few were really easy. It was after the 20th, that I thought maybe this wasn't such a good idea. And I still had 8 more to go......

The kindergartners really liked them though!
Since Emma wasn't going to the Feast with me (she got to stay with Grammy!), I decided she shouldn't miss out on all of the fun, so she got a turkey hat. :0)

Lily with her head dress & necklace:

When they first came into the room, they sang a cute turkey song with actions. They did a great job!

Then it was time to eat! Here is Lily with her BFF Charlie:

They all had a good time!

This week, the kids have the whole week off, so yesterday, we did a turkey art project. They painted their palms and thumbs brown, and then their fingers different colors & then pressed their hands onto paper:

Even Emma did one!

Lily's turkey had eyelashes:

We only have a few more days until Thanksgiving, but I am sure we'll squeeze in at least one more project. :0)

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