Thursday, November 1, 2012


The kids had a great time trick or treating last night! Lily dressed up as Merida, the princess from Brave:

Riley was a ghoul:

And Zach was a skeleton:

What Zach really wanted to go as was a walking coffin. So, Jeff built one for him out of cardboard:

Of course walking in the coffin only lasted around our street. That's why we had the back-up costume of him being a skeleton inside the coffin. =)
Here are the kids' pumpkins lit up with glow sticks. (Zach's is supposed to be purple, and it was, but the picture makes it look pink.)

All three kids had fun & got a lot of candy! They got hot chocolate and ate candy while watching a movie afterwards. I love that they don't have school the day after Halloween! =)


  1. Love all the costumes, but especially Zachs!

  2. Those costumes are awesome!! Good job Jeff on the coffin!