Tuesday, December 11, 2012

C-Arrow Stables

On Friday night, we went to C-Arrow Stables. My sister Mary had heard about it and thought it would be a good place to take the kids, so we tried it out. Since it is in Maize and Jeff's parent's house is on the way, we thought Sheril (Jeff's mom) would like to come. She said yes, so we picked her up! It was so fun! When we first pulled up though, we weren't too sure that it would be. It seemed pretty bare. But our fears were laid to rest soon when Santa came out to greet us and two very helpful girls came out to help the kids decide what to do first. Lily was SO excited to see Santa!

The kids were given a choice on what they could do & they unanimously chose to ride the ponies. I have some horse-loving kids!

Then those same sweet girls showed the kids the horses. They LOVED this!!
Zach is especially enthralled with them. I think he might talk us into horse riding lessons in the future....

After the horses, we went on a wagon ride pulled by horses. It was a lot of fun!

The kids got a special surprise when they were told that they could ride the ponies again! They "posed" with Santa while they waited for the girls to get over there to help them. ;0)

When the second pony rides were over, the kids wanted to go to the petting zoo & living nativity. They talked Santa into going with them. He was very nice and came over to talk with us! The kids got to feed and pet all of the animals and even hold some of them! They had sheep, mules, pigs, bunnies, guinea pigs, deer, geese, ducks, llamas, and a camel!

After awhile, Lily remembered she had been promised hot cocoa (or apple cider) and she announced to me, "Mom, Santa & I are going to go get hot chocolate!" I told her that maybe Santa didn't want to follow her around all night, but Santa said that he could go with her, so we all went and got hot drinks and sat around the fire. :0)

The kids really had a great time and it was fun to see how excited they got about everything! Santa was especially great and Lily & Riley LOVED having his attention! The kids want to go back again before Christmas, so hopefully that is something we can squeeze into out very busy holiday schedule. :0)
Thanks Mary for suggesting this. It was a lot of fun!

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  1. Thanks for letting me go with you. It was great fun to watch the kids. I was impressed once we got into the farm.