Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge AKA Zach's Birthday Weekend!

Last Friday, we picked the kids up from school at noon and headed to Kansas City for fun filled weekend here:

We went there for Zach's 10th Birthday!! This was on the door when we got to out room:

The kids loved the room!

After we got our swimsuits on, we headed to the indoor waterpark, but stopped in the lobby first:

(Sorry these pictures were taken with my phone.)
The kids had so much fun!! And by kids, I mean the 3 little ones & Jeff. ;0)

We played at the water park for a few hours, then changed into clothes, took some more pictures in the lobby, then headed to the restaraunt in the Lodge.

Zach got a huge ice cream sundae for his birthday and the waiters sang to him. They tried to get him to get up & dance with them, but he refused to do it. ;)

Of course, Lily & Riley had to get some ice cream too! They also got wolf ears! (Lily was excited that they had pink!)

After dinner, we went up the the Magi Quest store so Zach could pick out his wand, belt, and wand topper & so they could start his game. Magi Quest is a game where they have wands that make things open or talk throughout the hotel, and you have to find runes and clues to figure out where to get powers so you can defeat the dragon. It is pretty cool & Zach LOVED it!
Before starting the game though, we changed into jammies and went to the Pajama Story Time!

The boys did not want to wait in line to hug Violet, they wanted to start Magi Quest, but Lily wanted her picture taken with her, so she & I did that while the boys & Jeff started the game.

Then we met up with them and played the game for about an hour.

Then it was time for popcorn and a movie before bed!

The next day, we got up and went swimming until lunch. I have no pictures of this. After lunch we stopped in at the sweet shop for some yummy ice cream.

Then the boys went off to play Magi Quest again & Lily & I went to the craft room to make crafts!

She painted a ceramic piggy bank and made a snowman.
While we looked for the boys, we ran into Oliver & Lily got her picture taken with him.

After more Magi Quest, we had dinner & waited for the arrival of this guy!

They had a tree lighting & then it "snowed" in the lobby!

Can you see the "snow" on them? It didn't come out in the pictures very well. =0( Oh well.
After that, we got in line to see Santa!

After that, we hit the water park again until it closed.
The next morning, Sunday, was Zach's actual Birthday, so we let him open his presents!

These two were little sleepy heads:

After presents, we went to the water park one more time before checking out.

Then it wa goodbye to Great Wolf Lodge. It was SO much fun!!

Before heading home though, we stopped at T-Rex Cafe for lunch for Zach's Birthday.

He picked out this volcanoe with dry ice for dessert!

Then it was time to head home. I think that Zach (and Lily & Riley) had a great weekend!

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  1. Looks like one AWESOME birthday!! Too bad Lily and Riley had to suffer through it ;0)-