Friday, December 14, 2012

What Elfie has been Up To

Elfie has been very mischievous this week! The kids woke up on Saturday morning to find Elfie bungee jumping off of the blinds with a slinky!

On Sunday, he was pretending that some My Little Ponies were reindeer and that he was Santa!

He must have needed to relax on Monday, beacause he was hanging out in a marshmallow bath!

He did a little fishing on Tuesday:

He was very naughty on Wednesday when he drew on the kids' pictures!

The kids found him wrapping presents for Santa, Mrs. Clause, Rudolph, and Clarice on Thursday.

And this morning, he was gliding on a zip line that he had made!

Elfie is always good and cleans up his messes, and then the kids have to find where he hid. Here is where he hid this week while the kids were out of the house:

So that's what Elfie has been up to this week. =)

(And no, obviously Elfie has nothing better to do with his time at night....) ;0)

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  1. That crazy Elfie!! Love what he has been up to!