Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2nd Grade Field Trip

Last Thursday, I went with Riley's 2nd grade class to Exploration Place! They were all very excited to go!

This thing in the lobby was very interesting apparently.....

The first thing we got to do was go to the dome theatre and watch a movie about planets and their moons. It was pretty cool. we had lunch after that, then headed to a classroom where they learned about bugs and their parts. They are singing and doing actions to a bug song here:

They also got pieces of paper with a caterpillar & had to use shape blocks to make the bug.

Riley's favorite part was getting to make his own bug with the shapes:

As fun as all of that was, what the kids were really looking forward to was the exhibits! I headed off with my group of kids to the medieval castle first. 

The next exhibit they wanted to see was the animation station. This was really cool, it showed you the different ways to animate. Riley liked this one where he had his picture taken while he moved around......

then he could watch himself being animated on the TV screen.

This was a cool wall that made light spread when you touched it.

We moved onto the building section (no pictures from there) and then onto the Great Plains section. Here is Riley inside a wind tube that shows you how hard a tornado blows.

This cool machine makes a tornado!

After that, we headed to the aerodynamics exhibit (no pictures again) where they have flight simulators, and other cool airplane things. Since we had some time left & we had seen all of the exhibits, our group unanimously decided to go back to the castle. I found King Riley there, so I decided to take a picture of him. ;0)

It was a lot of fun! The kids learned a lot & got to play. A successful field trip!

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