Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Riley's Party

Saturday was Riley's 8th Birthday! He opened his presents from us in the morning. A Skylanders shirt...

And lots of new Skylanders!

In the afternoon, we had his party for family. He wanted his favorite; Jeff's smoked ribs & brisket, and twice baked potatoes. (which I made into a casserole so it would be easier.) After lunch, Riley opened his presents from everyone.

He got some really nice presents and lots of cash. Thanks everyone!!

Riley wanted lemon meringue pie for his "cake". I was pretty excited when I found it already made. ;0)

Riley said he had the best party ever! (But I'm pretty sure he says that every year.) :0)

That evening, we had a celebration with just the 5 of us, like we do for everyone's Birthday. He wanted a peanut butter pie this time.

On Sunday, we let him pick out where he wanted to eat for lunch & he chose Golden Corral. You just can't beat fried chicken & a chocolate fountain! ;0)

Happy 8th Birthday Riley!! We love you!!

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