Monday, April 22, 2013

70th Birthday Party

My mom had her 70th Birthday last Thursday, and last Saturday, we had a party for her! Here are all of the "kids":

Tom, Dianna, Pat, Amy, Jenny, Kathleen, Joe, Mary, & Bill.

We had a tea party theme. There were little cakes:

Finger food:

 Different flavored teas (and lemonade):

And tea cup & tea pot decorations:

This is my Mommy:

This is my brother Bill who mistakenly put on the wrong shirt, because we all know I'm our mom's favorite.

My mom & her favorite child:

And all of us with my mom & dad:

There are also pictures of all of the in-laws and grandchildren, but we didn't take one giant photo (which we should have...) and that would be a lot of photos to include in this post. :0)
I think my mom enjoyed herself seeing family & friends and celebrating how young she is!!
Happy Birthday mom!! We love you!!!

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  1. Thanks for all the photo taking Jenny! I really do appreciate it, plus everything else you did to help make this party a success :0)