Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Blow Paint Monsters

One of the art projects that we have done so far this summer, is blow paint monsters. We needed paint, paper, straws, cups, and wiggly eyes. (also a marker)

We put paint in a cup, and added some water to make it thinner:

Then we put blobs of paint from the cup onto the paper:

Next came the fun part; blowing the paint around the paper with the straws to make monsters!

They each did several colors.

When the paint was dry, they each added wiggly eyes and mouths with a marker:

These are Lily's monsters:

Here are Riley's:

And Zach's:

They had a lot of fun doing this & they turned out great!


  1. Yea I would totally end up accidentally breathing in the paint. ;p

    1. Luckily none of the kids did that! LOL!