Monday, June 3, 2013

PLaying In The Rain!

Last Thursday, after it rained, Lily wanted to go out & splash in the puddles, so we all decided to go out! I put one of Lily's raincoats on Emma, and had Zach walk with her through the water. I wasn't sure how she would like this, but she ended up loving it! She thought it was funny. :0)

Lily & Riley had fun too!

After awhile, Zach wanted to play without Emma (I don't know why!!) ;0), so he put her on the driveway, and before I could get her, she had crawled into the water & was playing. She loved it!

This is Emma, deciding that she is done:

This is when I decided she was done.....

She was trying to drink the water! Yuck! She wasn't too happy with me for picking her up, but I don't think her Mom & Dad would appreciate her drinking street water.....

Cheap fun, that's what we like in this house. ;0)

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